Plate Processing

Our "speciality of the house." Machined finishes are available at virtually the same cost as plasma cutting. Our rings and discs are machined to a tolerance of +1/16" - .000" on the O.D. and +.000" - 1/16" on the I.D. to give you a smoother edge with better concentricity than a plasma cut edge. In addition, you have no heat affected zone, which increases your tool life. We can turn up to 124" (3150mm) OD, and face the surface of one or both sides to any special thickness or RMS finish. All of this means a lower ultimate "cost in use" to you.

With our unparalleled in-house processing capabilities, nearly any machined configuration is readily available. We can provide bevels, grooves or fine surface and edge finishes that you need. Be sure to review our capabilities for milling, drilling, tapping and counterboring that are described in more detail on other pages in the Value Added Plate Processing section of our web site.

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